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Aug 10, 2023

Assistance with AI & Relationships

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Someone suggested I post my question here along with a random pic- Not sure if this is a good place to post this question, asking here since I figured people would understand his side of things. I’m trying to come from a place of understanding regarding my spouse. He got into AI stuff over a year ago. I have been supportive and think it’s awesome he has something he loves to work on.

However, it’s causing some strain on our relationship. He is constantly scrolling Reddit, this sub in particular, saving nudes. I can’t look over at him for a conversation without him being on some kind of nude image. I mentioned that I was concerned about screen time vs quality time with each other, but now he just alt tabs out of the nudes anytime I come anywhere near him. He stays up at all hours going through this stuff and then sleeps during the day/stays home so he can continue looking at stuff. I’m fine with porn, we even used to send each other stuff we liked/thought is hot. Am I wrong for feeling brushed to the side? I know hobbies can be time-consuming/create obsessions, do I need to just wait for him to do some better balance?

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