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May 26, 2023

For Here or To Go

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Deliberate model is used for the realistic base image. Then two other ai apps for the anime look and upscaling.

(((hyper realistic))), professional photography, key light, fill light, back light, stunningly pretty woman, round face with puffy cheeks, dreamlike green eyes, muted colors, [nude], complementary colors, skin roughness, looking at viewer, working in starbucks as cashier, slightly chubby, wearing a cap, shy smile, ice coffee on the counter, numerous cups of coffee all around, ((standing behind the ((register)))), wavy chestnut hair, looking at viewer, ((half body)), busty, ((((register)))), necklace, bracelets, coffee beans, natural spread out breasts, ((serving coffee))

Posted By Wheelhome

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AI Porn

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